1099 - SQL Server Report Builder

Hoping for some guidance. When I went to do my 2019 - 1099 processing, I realized that the formatting was incorrect for the 2019 forms. I opened a case with Epicor thinking they might have an updated form (mine is still showing 2015 form as the Report Style). No luck. They said I needed to modify the form myself. Not having any training in this area, I just grabbed a typewriter and manually typed them all so I could get them done on time. LOL

Now that I have some time, I’m trying to get the layout fixed so hopefully it will be correct for January 2021 when I do my 2020 - 1099’s. :wink:

I’ve gotten all the data to print in the correct boxes on the top form but can’t get the bottom form to print properly. All Support tells me is to “fix the down margin”. That’s all fine and dandy but how! I tried to drop the bottom line and now the bottom form data prints even higher! Ugh!!!

Help…anyone??? Thanks SO much!!!


Tricia, I had to make the Margins + Header + Body + Footer = exactly 11.5" to get the layouts to stick.

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Thanks! Now…where do I do that? LOL I figured out how to pull up the properties but I don’t see anywhere to change those numbers. :frowning: