1099 SSRS Advice

Good morning,

I am confused when it comes to modifying the 2015 1099 SRS Report in E10. We have done all the set up in E10 to be able to generate, but our test prints are coming out off. The report prints two 1099’s per page and the top one is shifted too far down and the bottom one is shifted too far up. I’ve worked with SSRS a bit in the past (adding columns, rearranging things) but have never worked with a report that puts two results on one page like this one does.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

Open your report and remove the white part at the bottom of it and make the first and second row more little, this should remove the blank space between both of them. If you want to print one per page you have to add a pagebreak, i believe you can do this by right clicking the group on the bottom of Report Builder and going to Group properties and then on the Page Breaks section check “Between each instance of a gruoup”.

Thank you. What I ended up doing is moving the fields slightly upward to correct the top section and then increasing the white part at the bottom to push the lower section down. Based on my tests I think I have everything coordinated correctly, but only time will tell.