2018 Insights-Start planning now!

Is it to early to talk about new years Insights?

We need to keep the energy going. The t-shirts were awesome. Anyone up for Polo shirts this year. We can get a few different colors that stand out and still be professional. That way we can wear them around during the week.

Presentations. Would love to see more customer presentations. Leverage the group efforts we have been doing here and showcase them.

Meet ups. They were the highlights for me. Lots of good information was shared and relationships built. Maybe we can organize a few pre parties.

If Jose/Rob/Josh are the ones running the show, can I get on the committee.


Vote for Ken!!!

The more the merrier @knash, we definitely want to do another get together or two and we are trying to see if we can get a panel discussion pick a few of the more vocal contributors of the forum and have a stump the chump kind of panel.
Where we demo some cool stuff / solutions and try to answer questions (functional, technical, theoretical) and if we can get someone from Epicor to join @Bart_Elia hint hint it would be awesome.

We tried last year but got shut down… on that but we will try again

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Yeah, definitely want to keep the interaction and participation up. The offsite mtg was a success but having an onsite might facilitate more attendance.

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Since I was just pitching my new sessions I want to do… How did you pitch the panel?

I need to start saving for my “Owe E10 Guys a Drink” fund. :wink:

Polo shirts sound great but I still love my t-shirt.


We haven’t pitched it yet this year, but the description above is pretty close… it would be great to have a Panel session lead by the most active participants in this forum to answer questions from other customers/peers… like a stump the chumps type of deal. You guys did one last year with the tech staff regarding system architecture I believe (Eric, Raj, Brian and a few others participated).

Bring your questions , technical or functional and we would try to provide some answers from your peers in the community about how we’ve tackled similar issues. If one or two of you guys can be there to provide additional insight that would be great too.

I know @rbucek, me, @jgiese.wci would be able and willing…, and I am sure @Chris_Conn and @knash (to put words in their mouth) would probably like to participate too, maybe we can entice @hasokeric and a few others


@josecgomez willing maybe… able might be a stretch lol

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What was the issue with it last year? Was it that some people are consultants and can be seen as conflicts of interest? (which for the record I don’t think would be an issue, but I can see their point)

Unlike the EUG, E10 help.com doesn’t have an operating expense to buy a full participation spot at the conference so it requires the goodwill of Epicor to give us an approved slot and meeting space on the agenda. That’s something we will be working on…


Hey Jose, do you think you could “entice” the powers that be to let me come next year too?

I am definitely game - now how to ensure my company sends me again?. :smile: Worse case Nashville is right down the road, @Bart_Elia can just sneak me in his laptop bag.

I guarantee I’ll be able to answer any questions about “What is the most convoluted way to solve this problem?” :rofl:

I also have cool projects built on UDTables involving inventory counts and label printing\box tracking I could demo if we need to fill deadspace


This is a great idea and I would be interested in a shirt.

Josh Owings

Not sure I qualify but I might be interested in being on the round table as well.

Josh Owings

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I don’t think the consultant portion was an issue, I am an epicor partner and most other consultants are too. I think it was more timing, we were still “new” even though we came from yahoo… and they didn’t want to step on EUG toes… which I don’t think would be an issue, we are a free community driven forum and have no interest in competing with anyone… so who knows… Hopefully this year we can make it happen


Heck I don’t even know if I am going yet. I’m in futures mode at the moment so not on the immediate release owning a feature. I usually don’t know until I get a ping when someone is sick or on jury duty or we ran out of warm bodies :wink:


Most of us are apart of the EUG already. I hope we can use that as a selling point. That one session @josecgomez was talking about was a great start. To me it was supposed to be more high level, the group starting morphing the conversation to be more technical, and complaining on the state of documentation.

The stump the chump round table sounds awesome.

I was also thinking of demonstrating some of the process improvements projects that we have implemented using the BPM/BAQ/Dashboards. We can review the business case and how the project was tackled. There is a lot we can share, plus we can talk about how the projects saved the company money. Who doesn’t want to know how to leverage Epicor to save them some cash!!!

The sessions will be beneficial as we are able to show others how the tool can be leveraged with real life examples.

If the shirts idea is a go, pm me some logo ideas.

@Chris_Conn tell your boss you are needed at the conference. Remind him of all the cool things you have done over the year and going to the conference will keep those cool things coming.


There is a competition that the EUG is holding to showcase BPMs/BAQs/Dashboards etc. which users created to save their company money or make processes better. If this was part of the e10help original idea for a session, then that could have been the reason the idea didn’t get approval (it would directly compete with the EUG competition). The winning regional user wins a VISA gift card. All regional winning submissions compete at Insights and get the presenter discount on the cost of the conference which I think is 50%. Every region is encouraged to get at least one user represent the region in the main competition at Insights.

The competition is called the EUG RUG Cup Contest. It’s for users only, not consultants. You may want to think about that since they will be holding it again this year.

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I will look into that as well. Somehow I missed that. Did the winners present during a session?

Yes, there was a whole session where the users presented for a panel of judges.

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