2019 EpiUsers.Help Meet & Greet Tuesday, April 16th

Hello everyone,

Since we are closing in fast to April and we’ve had some great turn outs in the past for our annual Meet & Greet for dinner, drinks and fun camaraderie I’d like to start a poll to help determine attendance so we can better choose a venue capable of hosting the event. We haven’t nailed down the where just yet because we need to know more about the Who’s.

Feel free to throw out suggestions for a place that you feel might be a good fit for food and drinks. Hopefully an unknowing candidate will rise to the top and @knash will take the lead to coordinate reservations etc and do a fine job like @Chris_Conn did the past two years! We’ll miss you this year @Chris_Conn, sucks to be you.

WHEN: Tuesday, April 16th 2019 - 7:00 PM to ?
Where: Vegas baby! Exact location TBD
Who: Any and all E10Help members and their significant others

  • I will most likely attend attend the E10Help 2019 Meet & Greet at Insights this year, party of one.
  • I will most likely attend attend the E10Help 2019 Meet & Greet at Insights this year, party of two.
  • Unfortunately I am unlikely to be able to attend the E10Help 2019 Meet & Greet at Insights this year
  • What is Insights?

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it is a very long journey unfortunately :sob:

@Chris_Conn you’re in the host city half the time, and for the last two years in fact, fly out to Vegas man. :wink:

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I assume that if I drag some folks over last minute, it will be acceptable?
There are a couple of gurus making first Insights trips I’d like to get proper respect. They’ve been making be look good (well - at least make me look not totally ignorant) for many years and they deserve the credit. Talking them out of their dark caves they hide in will be the issue.


More than acceptable. We’'ll enter some Kentucky windage for your group.

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We aren’t a scary bunch at all…


I count 36. Getting places at the moment for 40ish.

Please vote, as this is Vegas and a large group we need to reserve soon.


What? no @Chris_Conn?! I guess I have to cancel my registration! :slight_smile:

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Dont worry Graeme, I am sure there are plenty of people who can fill my clown shoes :stuck_out_tongue: With that said, it just wont be the same haha - by that I mean Jose will have a much better time.

Randy, it’s a tempting thought to elope. Somebody buy me a guest pass at least, I cant miss FloRida hahaha!

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I’m pretty sure there will be lots of people that would let you borrow their badge for the evening…


Open Bar at least and as most, if not all, of us work for manufacturing companies we have access to ear plugs. :beers::clinking_glasses::tumbler_glass:


Hello EpiUsers.Help and EpicHelp,

A big thank you to @Banderson for helping with the location selection.

Please sign up ASAP using the following link.

Good Morning All,
Due to a many factors, we have to make a change to the E-10 dinner. However, we think that the change will be a welcome one for the majority of the people attending. Basically, the original information that we got from the brewery ended up not being correct, and as we expanded the number of people that we were expecting, became an unworkable venue for our meetup. We understand if you aren’t happy with the change and would like to cancel, we just ask that you do so within the week so we can get your refund back to you.

Hopefully, everyone who did sign up still wants to come. We still want you there!

The good news is, due to the overwhelming number of folks that signed up, we now have options that we didn’t think would be possible when we first started exploring venues. Because of the amazing turnout that we are expecting, we are now able to have meet up on site in Vegas at the Slice of Vegas Marquee Room in the Mandalay Bay. This change negates the need for any transportation, and the cost includes dinner. If you were on the fence before because of it being off site, there is no excuse to not come now! We still need an attendee list, as the reservation is for a specific number of people. If you were are already signed up to go to the brewery, we will keep you on the list unless you let us know otherwise. The meal will cost $45 a person, and includes appetizers, pizza, pasta, and a dessert.

Those of you that already signed up will need to add an additional $25 a person. Use the same link to add yourself to the additional final payment slot to settle up. ONLY use this slot if you already paid the initial $20 to sign up. If you are signing up for the first time, just use the “dinner” slot and pay the pull amount in one transaction.

If you have signed up, and don’t want to attend at the new location, you must let me know by March 22nd.

Please sign up ASAP, signup will close on April 1st.

Vegas E10Help.Com Dinner
Buffett Style
App: Wings
Salad: Garden
• Pepperoni/Sausage
• Sausage/Mushroom
• Chicken/Sundried Tomatoes
• Pineapple/Ham
Pasta: Fettuccine Alfredo
Dessert: Chocolate Cake
Cash Bar


nice work Ken! Signed up… i know this wasn’t easy, we were spoiled with @Chris_Conn 's special access in Nashville!


Excellent choice. Great job, thanks for putting this together! Fremont St is the best place in Vegas! Old-school.


Signed up!


If I can get work to spring for it, I’ll be on my way. I could use a few days off of work :slight_smile:

Looks like the brewery is still using last years calendar…

Signed up, hopefully we can hit that 50 people number.

We have a few other co-workers coming so if we get close to 50 let me know, maybe we’ll get them to sign up and come too.