RFQ & Quotes

I have experimented a little more with RFQ and Quotes. Here's what I
have found. Please let me know if you agree or if you have other
information that could help me understand this module.

* RFQ - once vendor responses are received the RFQ required field
on the Quote is grayed out
* RFQ - once vendor responses are received the RFQ Status is
changed to closed.
* RFQ - once the RFQ is accepted it populates the Quote Lead time
and unit price fields.
* RFQ - You need to specify the Vendor on the material or
subcontract operation when requesting the RFQ from the Quote or the
price will not populate into the quote.
* RFQ - If you accept a quote from a different Vendor than what
was specified on the material or operation or if a Vendor was not
specified, then the unit price and lead time values will not populate
the quote.

Lisa Ricci
lricci@... <mailto:lricci@...>