9.05.702A Configuration BPM issue

GetNextpage is the replacement, not very intuitive I know.  The configurator gets saved when the next page passed to it is zero.  I have used it to save the configurator but don't recall using it to trigger a BPM.

Jim Kinneman
Encompass Solutions, Inc

We are looking to move from Epicor 9.05.700B to version 9.05.702A.


Most of our BPMs have come across with no problems, but we have two which are triggered on the Configuration.SaveQuoteConfiguration method that no longer appear to be working in 702A. Having stepped through one of our configurators with tracing enabled, the reason for this appears to be that the Configuration.SaveQuoteConfiguration method is no longer being called, meaning that the BPM does not trigger.


Does anyone know of an equivalent / alternative method that these BPMs could be triggered from in 702?