"A New Kinetic Version of this form is available"... hide that banner?

We are testing 10.2.700 and keep seeing “A new kinetic version of this form is available” on certain forms. For instance, Purchase Order Entry. We have customizations on the standard form that are not available on the Kinetic form, so we turned off “Enable Kinetic UI” in the Kinetic Application Maintenance tool. HOWEVER, users still see this “A new kinetic version of this form is available” banner on the top, allowing them to click it and launch a Kinetic version that does not include our customization.

Now, they can click “snooze”, but they could ignore that and still open the Kinetic version. How do I hide this banner from all users? I thought the Kinetic Application Maintenance tool would take care of this… is there somewhere else??

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So far I’ve only found a way to do it on a per user basis, go to Settings\General Options\Preferences\General Tab and select “Classic”.

Thanks. I did that, but still see this banner and can still open the Kinetic form:

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Okay, I was able to replicate the issue as well. The previous screenshot must only work for forms such as “print”. You can also try this it a the menu item level.

Yup. Tried that as well. Those choices will make the user open the “Classic” or the “Kinetic”, and that works well… but the problem is that when they open a classic form they still get the banner asking them to try Kinetic (which we don’t want because it will be without our customizations)

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Okay I think I found the fix after some trial and error. I was able to suppress the banner by hitting “Snooze” and then “Save Layout”. Didn’t show up after I closed and open Epicor.

Thanks. That works great, but not ideal when deploying to 50+ clients, and needing to do this on 10+ customized forms. I’m surprised that the Kinetic Maintenance tool doesn’t do this automatically based on the toggle selection.


That’s what I started thinking about after I replied lol. Not a long term fix by any means but some what of a workaround.

You may try using Kinetic Application Maintenance.
This form used for switch on/off Kinetic view at Menu level.

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As of 10.2.700.8, turning off Kinetic for a form will still give users an option to launch the Kinetic form via the banner on the top. This may be fixed in a later dot release, I’m not yet sure, but for now here is a simple query to kill the banner where you don’t want it to show up, for example on the Purchase Order Entry form:

UPDATE ice.menu SET WebResourceURL=’’ where WebResourceURL = ‘metafx/#/view/Erp.UI.POEntry’

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Seems to still be an issue as of, which is the most recent patch for 11.1. I’m pilot testing it and the banner still appears regardless of whether or not Kinetic UI had been disabled.

This is still not fixed in 2021.2. I’m curious if anybody who has access to 2022.x can comment if it is fixed or not.

The frustrating part of it is that all of the controls provided that are supposed to enable or restrict access to kinetic are completely ignored.

Hey Everyone!
See this KB: EpicCare Login - EpicCare

It is working for us on 10.2.700.30

Did anyone every find a way to suppress this under 2022.2?


Do you want to disable Kinetic UI completely in the classic client, or just the snooze banner?

I don’t think I shared how just to do the banner,
but I should have notes.

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I was just reading your BPM post here: How to Disable Kinetic UI Globally in 2022.2? - #28 by klincecum

I’m testing it out now.

I want Kinetic UI disabled completely and think I successfully have it loading the classic style setting the DefaultFormType in menu maintenance via DMT. Now it’s just the banner I’m working on but I see your BPM will address both.

Just remember, it only fires on load. Gotta restart the client to test.

That’s not a problem. We’re upgrading to 2022.2 in an hour so no one has it yet :wink:

I’m just testing in our pilot env and so far looks good. I did see your note to restart the client, thank you!

This should work for all the UI styles right?

Think so, read the rest of that thread. Some people worked the niggles and gotchas out.