A Tale of Ghost Prints

I would definitely fix your workstation method. But you say they print - so actually go to the printer without popping up on anyone’s screen?
What’s your EpicorData directory look like? And EpicorData\Reports, I typically would have an auto-cleanup to delete old items here, but be vewy vewy careful to list your potential deletes a few times and be sure no one’s using it as archive.
What do your printers look like? Are they installed on both App Server and Task Agent server? or are you using server printers (can’t recall if that was in 10.2 yet). Is it always the same printers?
What about your retention settings in system monitor/agent?

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When I changed the Workstation Method, no one was able to print anything! I had to change it back. Our managed ERP vendor did notice that we had 2 versions of the SAP Crystal Reports runtime engine for .NET framework. One is for 32 bit, the other is for 64 bit. We are thinking this could be the issue. Maybe the version we have just needs to be uninstalled and updated to a newer version. Just wanted to keep everyone in the loop. Doubt this will happen to anyone else, but I wanted to document what we are trying and the outcomes of said solutions.

Which settings did not allow them to print? Did you try multiple options? Did the jobs process through system agent but never popped up on user screens? I’m assuming users started new sessions as they’d have to know that setting to pass the right info.
Curiouser and curiouser. Both versions of Crystal Runtime shouldn’t make a difference in my experience.

Are these usernames supposed to match? I am so confused. Are we thinking that this could possibly be an issue if they do not match? Epicor is also saying that in the Max Concurrent Tasks field should be set to at least 20 and I cannot see that anywhere. Just trying to figure it all out.

Typically they do match, most likely to reduce the number of service accounts one has to manage. IIRC as it’s been awhile, but the Max Concurrent Tasks is in the task agent setup in the admin console on the app server.