Accidentally DMR'd the wrong Non-Conformance part, can this be reversed?

Is there anyway to reverse a nonconformance part that was accidentally DMR’d???

I seem to recall you can just delete the DMR and the parttran records back out. It’s been a while though so perhaps that was only on one of the many versions we’ve been on over the years.

Yeah, that’s disappointing when that happens, but its not irreversible. I think the MTL-DMR transaction (or whatever specific transaction it is) itself is final, once you fail it in Inspection Processing; but you could accept the part back to the job or to inventory from DMR. If you failed the part in DMR, delete the DMR material rejection on the DMR and then accept it back to the job or to inventory. Then process the non-conformance on the correct part.

There is no actual way to undo the mistake however, when it gets to a DMR, you can “pass” the parts and then nonconform them again.


Thanks so much for the response. I had a feeling it was just “one of those things” but I do appreciate the help immensely!!!


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