Add an Updatable BAQ to a Kinetic Application - Help Needed

I am attempting to enable a ubaq on the supplier entry screen. I have added the baq to a data view and called it into a grid card. The data I expect to see shows within the card, but I am unable to create changes within the grid. Has anyone done this yet?


If you add a ubaq to a data view and you add it to a grid on a kinetic application then you can still enter data into the grid by double clicking. The issue now is that when I click the save button it does not hold the data entered.

What steps am I missing to get this to allow data to flow into the table listed in the ubaq?

Hello @dgreenEA

Have you been able to solve this issue? I want to add a UBAQ as a DataView into one of my screens and I want to know if it is possible.