Add custom fields to ReportParam

I believe there were some UD fields in the ReportParam view in E9. Has any one found a way to add them in E10 and pass them to the reports?

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Newer version of Epicor support passing BPMData fields from the Client through to the Reporting Database.

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Do you have an example? I’m curious about this as well.

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Rich, I bound the custom checkbox to CallContextBpmData.Checkbox01 and previewed the report. Now, where can we access this field in Reporting Database?

As you may know, Epicor creates a set of transient tables in the reporting database - each table matching the tables defined in the RDD and each table having it’s own name which is then suffixed with the GUID that identifies the instance of the report. If the RDD has a definition for Company and Part, when you run a report the Reporting database will have a table named CompanySomeGuid and PartSomeGuid with the SomeGuid being the same Guid for each table associated with that instance of the report.

In addition to the Tables defined in the RDD, Epicor also creates several other tables associated with the instance of the report. One of those is CallContextBPMDataSomeGuid and it is populated with all the columns found in the CallContextBPMData table - all columns, one row.

So… in the RDL data source section, you need to define a new table for BPMData and then add the columns you are interested in - in this case Character01. Your query for that table should go after the CallContextBPMData table with the table name function that Epicor uses in the RDL to add the Guid to the table name.

For all of you SSRS RDL experts, that information should be enough for you to get the data from the CallContextBPMDataSomeGuid table. For all of you SSRS RDL wanna-be experts, I have requested steps to follow in the Report Designer from the Report Development team - stay tuned…


Did you ever happen to get these steps? Because I’m a bit lost on this. I’m not sure if you’re referring to adding a new dataset in the report builder or adding a table in the data definition in Epicor.

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Any update from the development team?