Add Parameter to SalesOrderAcknowledment Report

I need to add a Parameter to the Sales Order Acknowledgment Report and send the Parameter to the SSRS Report.

I have read that this needs to be performed in the Print Menu Customization using edvReportParam

I have no idea how to code this, does anyone have some example code to help me understand how to use this functionality, or is there a better method?

I’m not familiar with modifying that ReportParam dataset. The way I’ve seen it done / do it is to save it in some variable in the CallContextBPMData, then add the CallContextBPMData temp table to your SSRS reports dataset query.

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What are you wanting to send? If you just want to add something to the report you would edit the data definition. Once you added the field to the data definition you would add that to the SSRS report in Report Builder.

I think that the desire is, that the new parameter is used to alter the way the SSRS renders, not to actually include any new data (beyond the value of the added parameter)

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My apologies if I did not explain it well enough.
I am wanting to add parameter to the print report screen.
Revised Sales Order Acknowledgement. True/False
If the user selects true, I need to have the ssrs report texboxt show Revised on the report otherwise it will be hidden on the report.

This sounds doable.
I believe I understand what is required here.
Seems pretty simple.

Thank you!!

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This did the job perfectly!! Thank You!!

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Good deal!

So this is done by editing an existing dataset’s expression - to join the CallContextBPMData - in the RDL? No changes to the RDD?

Any issue with doing this to a scheduled report, or a recurring one? (I’m thinking the CallContextBPMData might not exist when the report is run at subsequent times.

Could you show some details?

I apologize not sure what RDL and RDD is…

However, we do not mass print acknowledgments and we do not do a recurring one.
I would not expect a scheduled report in this situation either.

This is the typical setup.

When generated it places the data in the SSRS Database

This information will be purged sometime later in the evening.

But will be available when printed immediately.

Is there another solution you recommend.

The RDL is the “file” in SSRS that defines how to display the data in the datasets generated. The thing you modify with Report Builder

Oh, Duh! LOL
and the RDD is the Report Data Definition
I did not change the report data definition. Should I have?

Not if you said it’s working.

Seeing now that a CallContextBPMData_xxxxxxxxxxx is created, i understand what is going on.

And to answer my own question, that temporary CallContextBPMData_ table should persists as long as the other temp tables with the same GUID

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Well, this worked for the reporting solution, however it does not allow me to access the parameter and add it to yesterdays project that merges with this one.

In that project I am using a DataDirective and taking info from the SysTaskLog, SysRptLst and SysTaskParam tables and adding to a text field in the OrderHed.

I also need to know this parameter , so I can add it to this field with it.

By using the CallContextBPMData, it is not available at this time to know what was chosen.

Any Suggestions?

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The CallContextBPMData gets passed around to some other methods, so you should be able to find it / do something with it. It looks like I can see it in a data directive on the SysAgentTask table

The CallContextBPMData seems to be cleared after SysAgentTask.
I have yet to figure out how to get it to the OrderHed from here or to the SysRptLst either.

I tried updating the CallContextBPMData from the SysAgentTask , but it still clears it by the time it reaches the SysRptLst.

Any Suggestions?
I’m So Close… :crazy_face: