Add Unanswered Link to Header of Links

If anyone is looking for something to do, you can always find “Unanswered” posts by going to

In addition, you can also see the Top Contributors (week, month, quarter, all time):

As you can see @Chris_Conn is falling behind.

He’s just letting you catch up.


I know, we all got day jobs that are priority 1… Actually I should be on less… it’s been just a week or two of Admin work giving me a little more free time, but thats unusual.

Just picking on Chris, miss his sarcasm sometime(s) :slight_smile:

But @Banderson damn, when do you sleep. 23d read time.

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This site is my version of facebook. More interesting people, real problems to solve!


Makes sense, alot of restroom breaks = 23d read time :slight_smile:

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One thing I noticed is that @Chris_Conn, @aidacra, and I give more than we receive. :heart_eyes:




Nice! A Hard Refresh made them appear, lol Forever Alone.

I like it!

You can definitely tell when I am bogged down with reams of projects. I’ll make my comeback soon enough :smiley: