Adding a filter requires new BAQ and form design?!

I’m trying add a “Part Class” filter to the Open PO Report. After much searching I haven’t found any direction other than to create a new BAQ and design a new form. Is this correct? I need to recreate the existing OpenPO data definition as a BAQ, then use BAQ report designer, then customize the form to look like the existing OpenPO one, just to add this filter?

I think this is so, but thought I’d ask before diving in.

Thank you.

It looks like that is the way to do it. It looks like the report is a BAQ report anyway but I didn’t see a report or a BAQ in the system.


Okay, thanks. I think it is just a stock report built off a data definition (no existing BAQ). Seems like a lot of work to just add a filter.

You could add the filter in Crystal. I suspect the same could be done in SSRS.

Thank you. I suppose this is the easiest way to achieve the desired outcome. I was hoping for a simple way to just add an additional filter with the other filters.

Thanks again!