Modify system BAQ Report

What is the best way to modify a system BAQ report to add a single field to the BAQ that already exists in the system BAQ table and keep the report style, options and filters all the same? We just need to add a field to the system BAQ report. I am trying to avoid having to re-create the SSRS report and customize the report options during print. I know I’ll need to copy the system BAQ and I would like the system BAQ report to point to that new copied BAQ instead.

Have you looked in the Report Data Definition? Is the field there?

Is it a BAQ Report or an SSRS report?

It is a system BAQ Report.

OK. I haven’t ever played with a system BAQ report. It appears there should still be a report data definition file. It may have the field you’re looking for in the data source and it may be excluded. Alternatively, you may be able to link to it through the linked tables. You will need to save a copy of the data definition and then you could copy the report style and refer to the new definition. Then you’d need to open up the “custom” report and edit it to show the field you’re trying to enable. Do you have experience editing the .RDL files?

Finally, if it’s not easily accessible in the RDD, you might still be able to add the table in as another data source and then establish a relationship to the appropriate other data source and then expose the field that way. To give you more specific feedback, I’d need to know which report you’re looking at.

There is no RDD except the BAQ for BAQReports.

Bummer. The system BAQ I opened up had 4 other data sources beside the BAQ. I was hoping yours was similar.

Worst case scenario, you’ll just have to copy the BAQ to make your own and then copy the report and and create your own BAQ Report… I know its not ideal… but at least its a path forward. I don’t know if there’s a better way.

Seems like I cannot copy and download a system BAQ report so I might have to start from scratch. I was hoping to at least be able to download the .rdl file without recreating it.

You’re right. I don’t see an easy button. But you could make a new BAQ Report and point it at the “customized” version of the BAQ that you copied and updated. By default, the system will generate a blank report (.RDL) file. You should be able to then open the system .RDL file and copy everything on the page. Then go back to the blank one for your customized BAQ report and paste it in there. Since you copied the BAQ and it’s the only data source, it should work. Let me know either way. Again, if you tell me which BAQ report you’re working on, I can try it before I send you on a wild goose chase :slight_smile:

It is the ReportID: RcptsNotInv using the zRecieptsNotInvoice BAQ ID. I am not able to open or download the system .rdl file to do a copy and paste.

I see what you mean. Where do you access the report to print it? I don’t see it mapped to a menu anywhere.

I’m sorry. I’m not up to the task. It looks like it’s a Crystal report and I don’t know the first thing about Crystal reports.

Makes sense now that it is a Crystal report which is why I wasn’t able to download the rdl file.