UBAQ in BAQCombo

I am in SupplierPriceListEntryForm . I added a UD field (Bool) to ERP.AprvVend. AprvVend is only accessible though Supplier Price List via a View built-in the form. The goal is to allow the users to View/Update this new field. I couldn’t seem to get a FKV to work in the Form so I tried BPM. I was able to tie the new field to a CallContext CheckBox and it displays in Supplier Price List. It is challenging however to get it to update any changes to it back to ApvVend (its also very messy). I am now trying a UBAQ tied to the EpiBindings. This seems to work for the display (However I need to click the dropdown to see it…) .I cant seem to “Update” the BAQCombo via C# to a new value.

What view are you trying to get them on in Supplier Price List? I have UD fields in VendPart that show in the vendPartView list without me having to do any customization.

I added a UD in AprvVend and after regenerating the data model it shows in the Approved Supplier Maintenance list view.

I was hoping to see it in venPartView. I added a field to AprvVend_UD.CertifiedPart_c and regenerated the data modal and cycled IIS. I cant find the “Approved Supplier Maintenance” referenced in your screen shot. i queried the Menu and it looks like a “PROCESS” but I cant seem to find where it called. I looked in the list of of “Supplier Price List” but don’t see the field there.

Where are you going to access the view in your screen shot?

Approved Suppliers is in the action dropdown in part maintenance.

If you want the field to be edited in supplier maintenance add it to VendPart.

Yeah, I may have to move it there. I’ll have to put in some logic to restrict a users from checking it unless the vendor is already approved for that part. Still…it probably easier then getting that checkbox to function where I have it now.

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