Adding Order to SO Pick List Report From Customization

Hi, I am trying to add an Order to the SO Pick List report programmatically based on an order number being passed to the form. I have a dashboard that pulls up orders with an open release, and a button that sends the selected order and two dates to the SO Pick List report form. I don’t have any issue launching the SOPL report form and sending the order number and dates, but I cannot figure how to put that data into the form so that the report will run based off those parameters. I’ve tried accessing the report parameters directly through an epiDataView (“ReportParam”), but when I try to print the report, it wipes those out and defers back to the default dates and an empty orderList.


I’m wondering if there’s either a way to call the processes involved in that ‘Order…’ search button that adds a row to the grid, or if there’s a way to bypass it and directly add a row into the grid in a way that the report will actually acknowledge it. I’m more interested right now in getting that order defaulted, before I worry about getting the dates in too.

Did you ever get this figured out? We are wanting a similar solution… we’d like to to add the Sales Order Pick List to the OrderNum context menu and allow users to right-click, open the SO Pick List report screen pre-filtered with the order number.

Actually, yes I did figure this out. I don’t know about your specific case, but if you can get the OrderNum transferred and available in the SO Pick List report screen, you can add it to the grid and it’ll filter your report.

edvorderList.dataView[edvorderList.Row]["OrderNum"] = orderNum;

grdOrder here is the EpiUltraGrid, and orderNum is the OrderNum I passed into the form. As for how to get the SO Pick List form to show up in the context menu, I can’t help you there.