Adding Standard Text to SSRS Pack Slip

We are trying to add our Certificate of Conformance to our Pack Slip. Basically I want the same text to appear on every pack slip when it is printed. Is there a way to do this easily without having to add tables/relationships through Report Data Definition?

I recently had to modify our packing slip. Open Report Style editor. Search for PackSlip. If you have multiple report styles, choose the style you want to edit. Then click Actions > Download SSRS Report. Save it wherever you want, then navigate tot it and open the report. You can use the report builder to edit the layout of the report. Here is where you will add in text. Make sure to experiment in Pilot first, as making changes in SSRS isn’t exactly straightforward. However, your text addition should be easy.
Good luck!

I am doing this in Test but I am guessing I may not have Report Builder. I saved the report to my documents but when I try to open the .rdl file it will not open. Is this something only the manager login for Epicor may have access to? Or is this a Program I am going to have to get from Epicor?

It is a free program you may need to download it. I use SQL Report Builder 3.0.

Any tips for getting it uploaded? I made my changes easily but I get this error when I try to upload it.

Is this the same path you selected when uploading the file? Seems like it could not find it.

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Yes, Make sure you select the right folder as Jonathan said. Use the same folder that you choose when you exported it. For example, if you export it to desktop. It will automatically make a few subfolders. When you upload it, choose desktop again, and it will find those folders it created.

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Like @Jonathan said, you want to pick to folder you downloaded it to. For you, this would be C:\Users\agraue\Documents. Stop right there and see what happens.

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The file path was incorrect and got that fixed. Now I get this error.


I am not sure if there is a compatibility mode in Report Builder, ideally you would want to save it with a format compatible with the version used by epicor. I think if you open the original RDL you would see the schema is I believe 2008 instead of 2016.

Or maybe this one would work

@agraue36 If you go to http://your_report_server_name/reports/browse and click upper left icon until you get to the 1099Form. click the three dots and then pick edit in Report Builder. When that opens there will be a get Report Builder link that will go to your version of Report Builder.



Apparently neither version of Report Builder will work. The 2016 version would open the report and let me make edits but not allow me to upload the edited report. The 2008 version will not open the report at all. Does anyone know if there is another version out there that actually works?

The next question is, what version of SQL Server and Reporting Services are you running?

There is a SQL Server 2012 version too. And if it’s not confusing enough, it’s called ReportBuilder3. :roll_eyes:

Get it here: Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 SP4 Report Builder from Official Microsoft Download Center

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This is the one I use with decent success. It is horrible to work with though.