Adding Suggestion Date to PO Tracker

Our Purchasing team would like to see when the suggestion appeared in Epicor, so that they can compare this date with the PO date to see how long it took them to raise the PO. When I’ve looked in the past I could never see a way to do this so told them it wasn’t possible., but they continue to ask so does anyone know if this is possible and how to do it?

When MRP is run, the first thing it does is delete all existing PO Suggestions. No history is maintained, so you may well have been getting that same suggestion every night for the last 30 years and you’d never know it.

Theoretically, you could maintain a history using a UD table, but displaying the data would likely be problematic. Just because you get a PO Suggestion for part 1234 one day that isn’t fulfilled doesn’t mean you’ll have the exact same demand for it the next day… there might be more jobs, or fewer jobs, or new sales orders, or cancellations… and if purchased items are bought to stock then there is no direct link between the demand and its eventual supply.

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