ADJ-CST transactions to wrong plant

We use Last Cost for purchased parts. We do not currently use the inventory costing module but I monitor the transactions on the Inventory WIP Reconcilation report. We have 3 plants. I noticed that when Plant A has 500 inches of Part Y in inventory and Plant B purchases more of Part Y, the ADJ-CST transaction does not post to Plant A as it should to adjust the cost up/down. If I look in Part Transaction History Tracker, the transaction appears in Plant B and the transaction also shows on the Plant B’s Inventory WIP Reconciation report. However, the Stock Status report for Plant A increases/decreases appropriately. Any ideas?

First off, be very careful with what the Stock Status Report shows.

It always uses the current cost. Not the cost for the date you want to know the QOH’s of.

Make sure the cost method is set properly on each plant, using the Site -> Detail tab on Part Maintenance. The cost method on the Part -> Detail tab is the “default” for sites to be added in the future.

Make sure you don’t have different cost files, as you can have site specific cost files if you want.

Do you have site specific GL accounts (via GL Controls) for the Inventory? If all sites use the same GL account, the system might lump all the cost adjs into the site where the transaction occurred.

Date    Cost  QOH 'A'  QOH 'B'  Inv Value
1/1/20  1.00     500       50    $550 
1/3/20 receive 100 to site 'B' with cost of $1.50
1/3/20  1.50     500      150    $975

Since Inv went up $425 (from $550 to $975), with only $150 added to it (100 rcvd x $1.50), the $275 difference($425 - $150) needs to be accounted for. It’s all in the same GL account, so it doesn’t matter if the ADJ happens just at site ‘B’, or if it is split between the two.