Advanced quality Module configurator


In the advance quality module configurator, im trying to find where to set the pass fail setting for a checkbox.
i see where i can do it for drop downs and values in the specification maintenance but how do i control this for a checkbox?
i want it to be a pass if nothing is checked and a fail if any are checked.


I’ll check, its been awhile since I worked with a quality configurator.

I have moved away from using Checkboxes for the most part and use Radio Buttons with Yes/No as the choices. Reason is you can make it required so you get an affirmative choice. I’ve had a few clients that ask me to make a checkbox required, once they say it out loud they realize what they are really asking is to ensure the user has affirmatively decided True/False. With the radio button cleared to begin with the user is required to affirmatively chose Yes or No.


Thanks Jim
i dont see radio buttons just the radio set. is this what you are referring to?

Are you using the Inspection Attributes and Specifications? Or just programming a generic screen?

When I want to conserve screen space, I use a combo with three possibilities: “Choose One”, “Yes”, and “No”. You can then test for “Choose One” to prevent the page from moving on.

Also, typing the first character lets your users stay on the keyboard for faster entry. This is a trick I learned from @timshuwy.


Yes for some reason I call them Radio Buttons. Also check out that they can be horizontal which is how I use them when Yes/No is the choice.

@jkane yes i am using Attributes and specifications.

If you have marked the Inspection Attribute as a check box, added a check box to the screen, and tied it to the Inspection Attribute in the Properties you are all set. There is no need to have to tell the system what is what if you are using the Inspection Attributes and Specifications correctly.

It treats the check = True as a pass on the inpection. I want to treat it as any of the checks on that page = a Fail for the inspection.