Inspection by Job operation

We would like to attach an Inspection report to each manufactured part and trigger that report to pop up when an inspector logs into the part. I see lots of tutorials on pass fail but not on set up of just logging data. We do not log failures. These parts are flagged for repair and fixed then reinspected and then pass on to the next step of our process which would also require an inspection to verify quality requirements before shipping to the next stage of our production. We don’t make widgets, these are steel structures that are made to order with QCFIT and QCWELD operations attached to each Job Subassembly.

I have created some of the Inspection Attributes from our existing paper report we use.

I have done the following starting at the first QCFIT Operation we have.

Inspection Plan “QCFIT” creation with Revision 1
Created the QCFit_1 Configurated ID
Started Creating the data input screen in the Configurator Designer using the Inspection Attributes.

I see lots of tutorials on the EQM but not much on this “simple” stuff. I could just use a UD table to capture this data but the powers that be would like it set up so that we can be prepared for other reporting options available in the EQM that we are not using now.

Any guidance here on setting options on these screens i am in above to have this report pop up to populate it when the QC inspector logs into the operation would be greatly appreciated. A flow of how this all ties together would be helpful.

One other thing i will need to do is display the data from the QCFIT inspection when the QCWELD inspection data is being logged in so the Weld Inspector can see what problems were corrected if any as a result of the QCFIT Inspection. I was thinking this would be a read only display on a second tab of the Configurator if that is possible.

This is one of those "I don’t know what I don’t know!


Assuming you are talking about Enhanced Quality module, you might just be missing attaching the appropriate Plan and Specification to the operation (this can be done at Engineering WB, Job Entry, or Quote). When the user attempts to report quantity or end activity there is a button call Inspection Data. This triggers the process for actually using the form and entering data.

There is no “automatic” trigger for the form. The process of getting to the form runs a number of processes so even a standard updateable dashboard needs addtional programming to proper generate.

Hope this helps.

Oh ya - yes the documentation is very weak for EQM.


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So A follow up question. We gave up on trying to “skip a few clicks” to get the inspection plan to pop up.

I think that it is possible to get the same 2 page Inspection Plan to open up for two different Job Operations, the QCFit and QCWeld above. The first Page of this Inspection Plan would open with the QCFit operation and make the Second page Read Only and the opposite when the Inspection plan is opened from the QCWeld operation which would open on the Second Page making the First Page Read Only so that the QA Inspector can see what the QCFit Inspection results were.

I think this would require some programming in the Configurator “On Load” Event Expression?

I see the OprSeq listed so it looks like we could make a decision on what page to open and which to make read only. But how do you reference the active page and page read only properties?

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