AMM Material Queue showing duplicate "Get Material" requests

I have shop floor operators using the AMM Get Material request functionality to queue up request for materials into the AMM Material Queue to be fulfilled by warehouse team members.
The process works well for the most part, but randomly we are getting duplicate requests showing up in the Material Queue with two different MtlQueue SeqIDs…
One request will be the generated request with the operator as the Requested By and the duplicate request will actually show the PO Receipt person as the Requested By as well as referencing the PackingSlip number in the Reference field.
Is there some sort of “Move Material” function that can be triggered in the PO Receipt Entry process? I could not locate a “Move Material” checkbox on Receipt Entry or the RcvDtl table like you have in some other places in Epicor that also use the AMM Material Queue?

I know in older versions (not sure if it still happens) if you have AMM and if a part is received to a BIN that is not the primary bin on the part record, it generates a move from the receiving bin to the primary bin.
Check Part maintenance and see if you have primary bins set and is the move request queue trying to move it to that bin.

In this instance there are no primary bins