Requesting a move

We have AMM.

Once our users report quantity from MES (and the box labels are automatically printed) the finished product goes into the OUT bin associated with the machine producing it. There is a box in MES to requests a move but we cant check it because “A backflush is pending” always.

If we manually request a move, we have to tell the system FROM WHERE, TO WHERE. The problem is, the warehouse folks who do the pickup determine that. Is there a way to do a general request for move?

Being that I always like to make things more difficult, I considered writing code that on PART TRANS, it checks the relevant bins for QTY > some minimum amount to move, if so alert some how. Maybe I’ll send a text or email or just export a text file in folder.

Any thoughts or words of wisdom?

I haven’t started the move to 10 yet, but I will do this there also. I add a MtlQueue when engineering adds material to a job and wants it brought to them.

My abl routine is attached, so you can see the process I use. Even if the warehouse and bin are required they are changeable when the move is processed. You could make a default bin and then a bpm to stop the move if the default bin is not changed to a valid one.

You can probably do on ReportQty.ReportQuantity.


JobMtl Add MtlQueue v2.p (2.94 KB)

Thanks for the ideas. I didn’t realize you could change the locs when you “process”. I just assumed it would execute it as is.

I’ve still got a pain with the “Backflush Pending” on my MES report screen keeping my Request Move from working. It only does it if “Next Opr Seq” is 0 (which is invalid anyway). I am going to attempt to change that default seq in a customization to see if that solves the problem.

Well… I cant change the default Next Opr Seq because something else is changing it back after I do. Same thing occurs if I try to default the Req Move checkbox. :frowning:

Old post but we are running into this now and I was wondering what if any solution you were able to come up with for this?