AMM module

Quick survey - is anyone a member of the PMPA (Precision Machined
Products Association) and using the AMM (Advanced Materials Management)
module in Vantage - if you are a member, looked at the module and
decided against it - please let me know why.

Thank you for your help.
Kristine Pollard
Director MIS
American Turned Products
Just curious is anyone has purchased and/or implemented the new Advanced
Material Management module that is available in release 5.1. We are looking
at moving from our existing bin tracker module in ver. 4 (which is a custom
designed WIP tracking module we designed several years ago with the help of
Epicor) and implementing AMM within the next few months. We would be
interested in discussing the implentation of this module off-line with
anyone that might be willing to do so.

Tim Goertz
IS Manager
Bermo Inc.

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