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Hi Dick-

We are still on Vantage 4.0 but have purchased the AMM module and have been
looking at implementing it but have run into some issues outlined in the
attached email that I sent to the onelist a few weeks. I didn't get any
response on it from anyone so I assume there are not many customers out
there that have it yet or do not have a lot of inventory concerns with
regards to Vantage. We currently do our WIP tracking with a customized
module we designed several years ago with the help of Epicor called bin
tracker and are excited to implement a standard module like AMM to replace
it. The module is geared to track WIP (along with bar coded tags) and for
material handlers to do on-line transactions (via RF terminals on their
forklifts) We actually had Mark Pladson from Epicor (who played a large role
in designing the module) out to our site last week to discuss come of the
issues and he seemed welcome to receive some input on it and said he would
be trying to get a hold of all existing Vantage customers who had AMM to
discuss these any other issues other customers had with the module. I think
he said there currently about 10 companies that had the module but I believe
only one is running currently it live. Since the module is so new and so few
customers have actually used it yet, there are obviously a few design issues
yet to worked out with it but overall I believe it will be a great module
with a lot of potential. Mark said there is a possibility there might be a
patch after 5.2 is released that will focus on AMM changes and fixes so I
would recommend that anyone that has it or is looking into getting it look
over closely and offer any input you might have on the module to Epicor
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Tim Goertz

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Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2002 07:31:15 -0400
From: PLAMAN DICK <dick.plaman@...>
Subject: Advanced Materials Module

We are looking at the Advanced Materials Module in 5.1, and would appreciate
from those of you who have had some experience with this module.

thanks in advance,

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