Anyone have info on the Customer.BusinessCust field? Labeled SEPA Customer Type on Customer > Billing > Detail

Can anyone give me more info on the SEPA Customer Type field in Customer Maintenance?

I had a ticket open last week with Epicor and they were able to help me determine that this box was the cause of our issue, however, the rep couldn’t tell me what this box is supposed to be used for. I’ve searched in the enterprise search, which surprisingly brought up nada. I got more help in Application Help, but only in regard to CSF settings, which we don’t use. I asked our Customer Service department how they use the field and got conflicting answers (one doesn’t use it at all and trained the other person, who uses it but doesn’t remember/know why :rofl: :tired_face:) - so, here I am.

If we don’t use CSF do we need to use this field? I’d appreciate anything anyone knows that may point me in the right direction. The issue we had was that tax wasn’t being applied to taxable invoices for a customer, and this box’s selection was the problem. Just looking for the documentation.

SEPA- Single Euro Payments Area

The single euro payments area (SEPA) harmonises the way cashless euro payments are made across Europe. It allows European consumers, businesses and public administrations to make and receive the following types of transactions under the same basic conditions. credit transfers. direct debit payments.

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Hey, Calvin, it’s been a while. Where’d you find that? :blush:


After " State Environmental Policy Act".

Under, “what does SEPA mean in business?”

Can confirm. We used it for payments in Germany.

It is good that you still answer post as Traitor :joy:

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So I can remove the selections from all customers in this field without repercussions? It only started in 04/2020 that they were making a selection here.

Assuming that those customers aren’t in the EU, I’d say yes. Plus I’d think you’d need to set up other things for that to be used. Maybe @Mark_Wonsil (aka “The Wonz”) can shed light on what else is involved with using that feature.

And just a coincidence that it started back on 4/20 ?? :wink:

Hehe, yes, just a coincidence. We definitely don’t have any EU customers. Most of our customers are in-state.

SEPA is ACH for the EU. My only assumption is that if it is on the customer record, it’s for refunding purposes. :person_shrugging:

Is there a similar setting for the supplier?

Also, I assume this only shows if CSF is enabled, as I don’t recall seeing it.
(but then 10.2.300, was the last version of Epicor I’ve used.)

Yes, I’ve primarily used it only for supplier payments for all of 10.2. There’s an Electronic Interface (EI) that goes with it. Had a miserable time with getting the bank to accept it because of Unicode Byte Order Mark. :sweat_drops: