Anyone Using PCID in 10.2.300?

Is there anyone using PCID who has upgraded to 10.2.300?
We’ve held off implementing PCID since it seemed mostly related to job-shipping and not general receiving and warehousing however, reading the release notes for 10.2.300, it looks like a lot has been added for receiving and tracking PCIDs.
Is anyone able to confirm if this can be used for tracking stock in the warehouse yet?
How about Allocations?

Ideally, we would like to be able to assign PCID (as pallet code) to all stock within the warehouse. Is this doable at the moment?

Also, any issues you’ve found with the implementation?

Thanks in advance.

Surprised to see no responses here at all. :frowning:

I would also like to know more about PCIR in the new release. We do not use it currently since it does not work for us in its present shape. We are on 10.1.600.19

Vinay Kamboj

I’ve just upgraded test to 10.2.300.5 and am pretty pleased with my findings so far.
It appears that the feature has been implemented for receiving, inventory management (transfers, package management/splitting/etc), reservations, stock to job material including and job quantity reporting. This is all I’ve tested at the moment, but it all is looking very promising.
One issue that I’ve found is with non-conformance. If you have parts in PCIDs that you mark as non-conforming, there is no way to select the PCID(s) that have an issue and if you select the ‘request move’ then you will end up with a -ve quantity in the bin as well as the positive for the PCID relates quantities. I think we can probably extend the functionality without too much issue to add the PCID to the move requests, but it’s early yet.

One other thing I’m trying to work out is if we can do mass receipts. Lets say we want to receive 30 pallets (packages?) a truck, all with the same lot, etc. I don’t think that we can do this as mass receipt. Anyone know different?

If anyone has a good solution for these, I’m all ears.

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We are interested in using it. I went to Insights19 earlier this month and attended this class:
BR290617 - Introduction to Package Control Identification: PCID
It seemed like Mark Kaminski was heading this up and I have reached out to get more info.

Does anyone have a list of supported handheld units, or any recommendations?
I saw this link recommends the Honeywell Intermec CK71 ~$2000-3000 / ea

You might want to hold off on selecting a handheld unit.
Epicor is deploying Biscit’s new Epicor Mobile Warehouse platform which will run natively on any Android device; it looks quite nice:
That being said, we use the CK75’s with the long range scanner. It was terrible running Epicor’s handheld module through RDP, but to no fault of the CK75’s. I’m sure the EMW would run great on the Android version, but you can also find something for a lot less such as the Honeywell EDA70.

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Thanks a bunch! @hmwillett
We will definitely be looking at this and I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.
Biscit Mobile Handheld for Epicor using the Epicor Mobile Framework

@rtomlinson has the Biscit App running at their site, so it might be worth asking how things are going their. Last I heard they had it on 10.1.600, but had upgraded to 10.2.300 fairly seamlessly.

My 2c after having to resize 50 odd handheld screens because the aspect ratio between our Datalogic handhelds and the Intermec are not the same, so you couldn’t use the scaling option in the config file. I would have an Android app any day, downside at the moment, you can’t customize it in house yourself. At least at this stage.


Does EMW require licencing or is it part of the Epicor base?

You need licensing for it.


We are starting a project to look at using PCID. If you have any lessons learned, what to do and not do, please share.


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Not sure if the PCID Moves and PCID Transactions menus exist in 10.2.300, but they do in 10.2.400. When you click on the sub menus you just get

It sent me off looking into why. I thought it was a security thing. The actual menuID exists in the Ice.Menus table.

After discussing things with my CAM and looking more closely at the help I came across this for all menu items apart from the Pack Verify by PCID that created the message.

So looks like we have to wait a bit for some of the other PCID parts. Which means for us doubling up a bit using lot numbers. (further investigation required there)

Anyway I hope someone finds the information useful

We’re currently on 10.2.300.6 and about to upgrade to 10.2.400 to (hopefully) fix some issues with PCID… like not being able to do anything with quantity that is received into a PCID in a UOM other than inventory UOM.
Aren’t you able to just do a regular Inventory Transfer? Or are those features for something else?

No argument there, some of the functionality is duplicated, but with a PCID context by the looks. The online help does have good transactional examples about these functions. Kudos to Epicor for this.

Good to hear more functionality is coming. A big problem has been the lack of PCID with Nonconformances. There is even a field in the table for it, but it doesn’t seem to have been implemented in the NonConf business object functions yet. :roll_eyes:

does EMW still require a Terminal server license to run?

I wonder if we could start a general PCID / Warehouse Licence plating thread? I am guessing most of us are on 10.2.400 now. So my understanding is PCID works for finished product, but not yet for WIP. I am still trying to come up with the best places to use it. Also Epicor recently acquired Majure Data and they have there own License plating tech so I wonder if it will get integrated or replace PCID? It seems to me handhelds now can be any android device and Epicor is selling some Honeywell customized android tablets and phones with scanners built in. We picked up a few and the seem pretty nice so far.

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