Hand held device

Anybody has experience in bar code scanner or hand held device on E10 we are planning to start using ware house and inventory and production .

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Sure thing, Intermec CK71 works great



I am using E10.1 as smart client application end user should be integrate with domain how we can install E10 Intermec CK71 device it has windows OS we need to integrated that device also under domain and install E10 application . or any other way

You can run RDP in it

I was using RDP but in different device performance not good as expected

will try Intermec CK71 device . Thanks josecgomez.sixs

I also recommend Intermec CK71 at the least. You can program it using EasySet to swallow prefixes (AIAG stuff example). Then there is this whole Console where you can from the IT pov remote into Handhelds and monitor their health, deploy packages, configurations etc.

There is no NATIVE Client from Epicor for Windows Mobile so you will always end-up RDPing… If you have scaling issues with a CK71, come back to the forums there are a few patches from Intermec.

CK71 has great WiFi and Data Support.

I spent a good 9 months focused on CK71 and BarTender Labels =).

Thanks alot hasokeric@

With EasySet you can program the Handheld and it will create a QR Code (or similar to it) and you print that out or save it as a PDF… Whenever you get another CK71, you just scan that QR Code and it will program itself.


We are currently in E9 going to E10 with Intermek CK71handheld. Thinking about purchasing the Thor forklift computer. Does anyone use the Thor and your thoughts on that device and Epicor?



Hi everyone, we are looking into implementing handheld devices to be mostly use on inventory activities such as quantity adjustment, transfers, etc. Is there any link where we can see how hard/easy to implement this? Thanks all.

Hello Chemuel which version of epicor do you have we use something called EpicorMobileWarehouse designed in australia we was the first company in the UK to use it so here if you need help

Hi Connor, we are at version 10.2.300.7. I checked our License Tracker and I see we don’t have Mobile Connect License but have Handheld.

Hello Chemuel,

Where are you based ?

We are based in Calgary, Canada.

i mean i think we may have had to get licenses but the program is called epicor mobile warehouse available on google store we download put in our server name with user and password and its fully intergrated I guess you may need licenses for it

Hi Connor, Thanks for the information. We will try to see if we can get a license for this. We would love to have mobility in accessing Epicor menus for our inventory team.

honestly chemuel its a blessing once you get it its so smooth and simple we use zebra scanners which are android let me know if you go ahead I can always help i think we are still one of the first unless people have used it recently

I know Epicor likes to Nickle and dime for everything, but is a handheld scanner license required in order to use a handheld scanner in Epicor?

We would be using it for shipping and receiving, clocking in and out of jobs, and inventory all in the main building, is a license required for that?