Anyway to tell between duplicated part and actual new part?

I have a BPM in place to set part group and class based on the part number when creating the part in E-10. This also fires when duplicating part number that may be set already. What’s the best way to differentiate between an added row totally new, and an added row that’s been duplicated on the update method?

You could maybe use some of the properties in CallContextClient? Not sure but it may tell you its coming from Epicor.Erp.UI.PartDuplicate form ? #ShotInTheDark

We made a UD field for “Date Created” and have a BPM populate it at the
time of part creation. We also restricted via BPM duplicating a part
unless it’s one of our pre-set “Template” parts.

Looks like it was user error, it wasn’t doing what she said it was.

The duplicate function does not fire with the update method, so the BPM was not firing. (which is what I want)

Looks like it fixed itself.

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