AP Payment Entry - BPM - Erp.Proxy.Rpt?


We are trying to run the Positive Pay process after the user prints the checks via Payment Entry → Process Payments. When I ran a trace after selecting the print option two stood out, but don’t map in the Method Directives Maintenance:

Those processes have the data I would need to call the Positive Pay BO, but I don’t see how I can write a BPM for it. I checked Erp.PaymentEntry but it doesn’t contain those methods. I did see a CreateChecks, maybe I can use that?

Thank you for your time and assistance!

Not sure that you could write a typical method directive to accomplish this. You could write a data directive on the sys agent table, and look for the specific task of running process payments. You can create a Standard Data Directive on the SysAgentTask table to fire your code after you check with a condition for that specific task

The Positive Payment capability is a part of the Electronic Interface module. You define the EI to use and the Payment Process calls that program and creates your file.

That said, most PP formats are easy. You would be better off triggering off the Payment.Post event (post-BPM) to dynamically run a BAQ and then create your CSV there. You should only write to the EpicorData folder for security reasons.

Just my unposted two cents…

Hello! I tried a simple DD by creating one that emails me the task description. It is a standard directive that has an email module so I can see what task ran. I created a simple misc payment in Payment Entry, then went to Process Payments and selected Client Printer under Print and after going through the entire process I did not receive an email.

I assume emailing from a standard directive is possible correct? It is different than from method directives, I noticed I had to specify a rule, and left it at the default option “Once passing all matching rows”.

Thank you!

I appreciate the thoughts! My manager built a customization around the Positive Pay system for a specific bank and why I would need to call that BO once they print the checks. I can ask about switching to doing what you mentioned though but they may want me to keep investigating how to hook a BO call after check printing. Thanks!

Yeah you can email from a standard. Sounds like your DD did not fire or its not the place you think its firing. Where did you create the DD?

In Data Directives, I selected the “SysAgentTask” table and created a new standard directive. Inside I only placed an email module so I knew if it fired.


Are you sure that emailing works in the current environment that you are in? I usually write to the event viewer on the app server with a custom code block. Perhaps the sys agent task table is not correct, it should be sys agent something

Yup I tested emailing to ensure it worked :slight_smile: I have a method directive that emails and I tested it to verify the emailing was working.
Here are the other sysagent* tables, thoughts?

Thanks again for your help!