A valid AP check group is required

Hi All,

I am trying to Autoprint from Payment Entry Screen.
I have created a datadirective on Checkhed
The condition is as soon as the payment is posted it should autoprint.

I have setup the parameters for standard report style

I am passing Group ID as below

But on the system the group is posted successully but Unable to print the Report and below is the error

Am I missing something which is important an.

Thank you.

At first glance, it seems that the ttCheckHedRow table no longer contains the GroupID value - and that would tell me that you are triggering at the wrong time in the process.

Processing AP invoice form suppliers through Epicor typically follows the path of

  • AP Invoice creation
  • AP Edit List - generate and review
  • AP Invoice Posting
  • Generate Payments
  • Payment Edit List - generate and review
  • Process Payments (this prints the checks or generates the payment file)
  • (optional) Re-Process Payments
  • Post Payments

If you are trying to do it after Posting, then the tables are empty as all of the data has been moved to the APTran tables.

This may be your issue.


And there’s an Epicor Idea to allow one to reprint a Remittance Advice - because email aways works and suppliers never lose anything. :roll_eyes:

Enchancement Request: Allow Reprinting of Remittance | Kinetic Ideas (aha.io)

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The issue is that Epicor looks at the table Erp.APChkGrp to validate that your Group is valid, once you post the Payment (Group) Epicor deletes your rows from Erp.APChkGrp and hence it is no longer found.

Once your AutoPrint runs in the Standard Directive, it is too late.

Your best option is to recreate the APCheck as a BAQ Report and invoke that instead.

I dont like Auto Printing Checks, If you do it as part of posting and the Printer Jams, or in your case PDF Reader hiccups, know there is no way to re-print it, you must void all checks and do it over, unless you store it by increasing the Archive Period. That is why its crucial to print them, make sure they are printed before ever posting.

Been There Done That :slight_smile:

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Odd part is that Epicor is trying to regenerate or generate the Checks again. Which is a bit odd because I dont think you can post without ever already generating checks and your ReStartProcessPayments is False. Are you guys invoking the Posting from API instead of UI (hence the ability of circumvention)?

The error you receive is coming from the Internal Process of ProcessPayment when it tries to decide if it should generate numbers.

If you are invoking the posting from an API then simply Run the Report there and then post.

Glad you jumped in here. I was fuzzy on the back-end process order details, but I see you’ve gone down this rabbit hole as well :slight_smile:

Thanks @hkeric.wci Finally I had to do the BAQ Report solution and that works perfectly well