API Key for a user

Does anyone have any documentation on how to setup an API key and Access Scopes? I could not find anything on EpicWeb.

I did find this article, but its not giving my the information I am looking for.


F1 help has the topic discussed.

There is a very handy link at the bottom to email feedback on what is missing. Please let us know where there are gaps and we can discuss here and improve the docs for all.


Yes I did look at that help topic. It did not give me the direction i was hoping for. Ill use that link.

It’s fairly straight forward from a setup perspective what is troubling you?

Agreed on the question of what point of view is missing. I assume it is more of a ecosystem walk though for the topic but I am missing what aspect.

I am new with APIs. I just want to make sure I am doing everything correctly.

As far as the API key’s go “correct” is working. Now if you mean how you structure the access for those keys and how many key’s you setup and what for is more of a philosophical thing that Epicor Help wouldn’t be able to help with. That’s a far more personal question.

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