Application Studio - How to: Set Finite Capacity default to checked?

So, through the transition to Kinetic I’m learning Application Studio, but sometimes what I hope to be simple doesn’t seem to be.

On the schedule job popup, we want the Finite Capacity box to default to checked. Many slide out screens in Kinetic have a “save defaults” option, but not this screen. SO, I went into Application Studio, hoping to find something to set default = true, but nothing. Any ideas??

I consider default options to be something in the realm of BPMs (e.i., set that field to true in a Post Method Directive of the GetNew/GetByID/GetXXX that is called)

An Application Studio option that is a bit risky (client-side is just more finicky) is to create an event that fires after that checkbox is created to set its value to true…

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Hmm. I can’t seem to find out how to do a trace in browser-based Kinetic.

When I log in via the client, I get the trace options, but it doesn’t record anything when this popup opens, so I don’t know which BPM to target.


It’s a little hidden in the browser - but once you know where it is, I find it to be far more readable than a regular trace in the client.
Open your browser developer console (ctrl+shift+i in Chrome), then select the screen you want to debug and hit ctrl+alt+8 to start debug logging. Then you will see any events firing in the console:

You can also see any rest calls in the Network panel (Here I ran a search for ShipTo on a Sales Order):

I am sure there are other examples somewhere around here…

Okay, cool. I’ll look into that. For now I just tried a bunch of BPMs by having them throw an exception to find out which one was used on that popout screen. In the end, it was quite simple after I found it.

Thank you for your help!


You can also just hit F12.

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BPM’s are fun but just tried something which might help.

Thank you! I’m not sure when / if I should use Kinetic Application Studio customizations… we had a bunch made in 2023.1 and nearly all failed to update into 2023.2. Now we are testing 2024.1 and running into more issues with Application Studio customizations not working from previous versions…

This seems simple enough, until it causes an upgrade error :confused:

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A nice rule of thumb I’ve heard is if it’s only a UI customization (like this one) then use Application Studio. If it’s security or data related, then use a BPM. Otherwise, people can get around the UI controls by using REST, DMT, custom program, etc.