Approach to fixing Review Journal flagged errors

We were having an issue with a Cash Receipts Entry Group showing “Reviewing”. I found this really old thread: Invoice Group Showing "Reviewing" - Yahoo Archive - Epicor User Help Forum

Conversion program 10250 did not help, however it was very useful to look at General Ledger → General Operations → Review Journal. I can see several errors, but I am not sure how to fix them:

Transaction does not balance
The CashHead:122618:93594:::: is locked by [user215] on 12/27/18 13:05:30 [Status: Posting].

The [user215] (actual user name redacted) is the user who reported the issue. We only allow a single sign-in of a user at a time - how can they have the database locked against themselves? My first thought was perhaps the lock would have expired by now and they should just try again, but that might not resolve the transaction not balancing issue. As this is in finance which I have no idea about, I’m not sure what to suggest they try. Are there other parts of the Review Journal I can look at for more clues? What is the general approach to fixing such errors?

I also noticed a couple of other journal entries unrelated to this one. Does “Review Journal” only show current unresolved issues in the database? Should I be looking at these other entries to try to resolve them? I found a second instance of “Transaction does not balance” without any locking issues. I also found the error below, although the user whose name this showed up under has not mentioned running into any issues, so I don’t know if there any anything that needs to be done in this case:

TranGLC duplicate found. Posting process aborted to prevent duplicate posting.
Please contact customer support to request the fix program.

Go to the GL Review Journal and send it back to AR. Fix it there.

When you ran 10250, did you cancel the posting process in the system monitor and then restart the task agent before running conversion 10250?

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There was nothing active in the system monitor when I ran 10250.

Go into the Review Journal and cancel that transaction, then re-post it.

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