I cannot post an A/R invoice , it says reviewing in red. nothing works to get rid of that

I cannot post an A/R invoice, it says reviewing in red. Nothing works to get rid of that.

Did you look in review journal?


I believe that means the AR group posting process had an issue and sent some of the group to the Review Journal (find it on the menu). You will need to clear the review journal problem before doing anything else with that invoice. Essentially it’s not really posted because something happened that wasn’t caught by the Edit List processing.

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Go to the review journal, and you’ll search and see the transaction. Most often it’s an unbalanced transaction, where a GL is missing. The credit or debit has the GL assigned, but the opposite credit or debit does not. You can go to Actions > Journal Entry Cancellation to push it back to AR Invoice Entry.

If you do an Edit List in Invoice Entry, you’ll see what’s missing before posting and sending it to the RJ.

Probably a new part class got missed assigning a GL… or starting to use Deferred Revenue without setting up the GL. Let us know!