APR Advanced Print Routing filter not working

We are running 10.2.700.6 and are having trouble using the Filter feature in the email template.

we commonly have multiple sales people associated with a quote. when we print the quote we would lke the PDF to only go to the PrimRep. so we added a filter to look for PrimRep = true.

This works if there is only one salesperson on the quote. but if there are multiple people and some may not have email addresses then the email information in the email body is blank.

just wondering if anyone else has seen this issue? Any workarounds?

I have a ticket with Epicor that is months old now - the issue has been submitted to “Development” i.e the black hole :slight_smile:

thanks for any feedback

Okay, now I see that you’re breaking on the table QSalesRP.

So if this was sent to the printer, it would print a copy for each unique entry in QSalesRep table. And by adding the Filter, you want only one copy to print (actually be emailed), for the Rep with the PrimRep set to true…

That correct?

I made a test Report Style with APR (breaking on QSalesRP), with a Break widget breaking on SalesRepCode. No Filters.

A quote with 2 Sales People prints the quote twice. BUT the Salesperson Info only prints on one of them - the one with the Primary Sales Rep.

The other shows:

But all the other info (OrderDtl) shows ok.

If I make the other person the Prim Rep, than one report shows with their info and the other is blank.

Mr. Calvin:


Adding the Filter block:

And I get just the one printed - and it has the rep info.

On the e-mail, when you set up the “To:” field in the template, do you have the following set?

Or did you change that to “All”?


this is the sales rep “From”

You could put a condition in that makes sure the PrimRep has a valid e-mail address. It is working for those with an address defined?

APR only failes to send an email when there is more than one salesperson.
If there is only one the email works fine.

So you want just a single email sent to the SalesRep marked as Prim Rep. And this works when there is only a single SalesRep, but fails when quote has multiple sales Reps. That correct?

And what is the exact outcome when multiple reps are on the quote?

No email are sent? Email is sent to all reps (that have an email address)? Report content is blank?

Breaking on the QSalesRep table might not be doing what you think. The “Break” widget acts like a group by, to add an extra layer of grouping to the dataset. But the table and field you’re using might not be on the same level as the typically expected table to break on (like QuoteHed, or Customer).

Imagine if you did the Breaking of a sales order on OrderRelNum. That doesn’t allow for an organized break of the data.


I stuck put the above as it isn’t exactly true in the case of QSalesRep, as their attached to the QuoteHed (the top level of the data)

It looks like how you have it configured above you want an e-mail to go out to every customer from every sales rep? The “FROM” can only be one address. So maybe that’s what’s happening. Maybe have it come from one address and CC or BCC all of the sales reps involved?