APR Condition being bypassed?

I have a report style built off of ARForm. The intent is to print preview a batch of selected invoices that will be sent out via another report style to give the user a chance to know which ones will be sent.
My break table is InvcHead. The report breaks on Company and Open Invoice. The reason I’m breaking on Company is an attempt to get it to group by something consistent.

After the break, I filter the set to the break column open Invoice = true.
Next, I group by the invoices back by Company.

I then have a condition to check a custom field that stores the Routing Email address to check for the presence of an @ symbol in any row**(this might be where I’m not understanding this product).
If this is true, the report should be previewed. Since it has been grouped by company, it then should create 1 PDF with all pages of invoices that match the condition.

The dataset I’ve put into this test looks like this:

By this logic, I would expect that printing this report style for these 3 customers would yield 21 invoices built into 1 PDF because customer AMCSUM (count of 1 open invoices) and customer ASHNOR (count of 20 open invoices) would satisfy the condition. I would expect that customer AMHCOO (1 open invoice but no RoutingEmail_c value) would not be print previewed.

On every test I’ve performed, this consistently prints all of the open invoices from those customers, regardless of the condition that the Customer.RoutingEmail_c of any row contains the @ value. I’m probably not understanding how it’s treating the dataset.
If anyone could help me understand why this is failing to do what I expect and how I might tackle this problem, I would be very appreciative. Thank you