Are Kinetic BAQ reports as bad as I think they are?

So I created I used the BAQ Report Designer to create a report based on an existing BAQ.
I previewed it and it did not contain any data at all (strike 1).
So then I went into the SSRS report and added a table and dropped in some fields.
Previewed again and this time I could see the data but every other page was blank (strike 2)
So then I went into the SSRS report and adjusted the page margins.
Then I went back into the BAQ Report Designer and added a report selection option.
Previewed and it there was no data again and when I went into the SSRS report the table and the fields etc. had been completely wiped! (strike 3 4 5 and 6)

Is there something wrong with my workflow? How do I create BAQ Reports with data and without risking the changes being removed by Epicor?

BAQ reports are fine they work great the BAQ is just the dataset and you just make the report yourself in SSRS

Epicor doesn’t over-write your SSRS except if you use the dreaded sync dataset changes but I believe that has been removed

But it did overwrite it and I am on the latest version of Kinetic.

If I was to simply use it as the dataset but then later decided I wanted to put criteria on the report don’t I have an issue?
If I put parameters in SSRS and run from Epicor that would not work would it?
and if I put parameters in Epicor it will reset the SSRS.

I’m not an expert on this, but my approach:

  • Build my BAQ with parameters, filters, etc. to get the results I want (to “prove the concept”).
  • Then I remove the parameters from the BAQ, so it is just a clean query.
  • I open BAQ Report Designer to link the report to the BAQ.
  • Download the SSRS and edit (adding the table, grouping, etc.).

You can go back to the BAQ Report Designer and add back in your parameters, filters, options, etc. to get the desired results… but… don’t re-download the SSRS report from the BAQ Report Designer… that COULD be why you are saying your report got overwritten(???).

Use BAQ Report Designer to control you parameters/filters.
Use Report Style to upload SSRS tweaks
Use BAQ Report Designer to “preview application” to test… (until you create a Menu to ultimately launch the report from).

Not sure if this clarified anything… but this has been my approach.

I didn’t download a SSRS report. I simply clicked on “save” in the Report Designer which creates the SSRS report on the Report Server in the custom folder.
It seems that whenever I make changes and click “save” in the BAQ report designer it overwrites the SSRS.

I have never seen this behavior once the report is created as far as I know epicor doesn’t touch it. Very weird.