Copying SSRS and Changing Data Source

Hi Everyone,
In the past I have reused some SSRS RDLs and swapped the underlying BAQ then refreshed the data source. This gave me my new list of BAQ fields inside my RDL file. I just tried to do this again after we are in K21, and I don’t see the button to refresh my data source. Is there a new process?

Hey Nate,

When creating a BAQ Report with the BAQ Report Designer I would suggest you try and incorporate everything you need in your BAQ before doing so.

There is also ‘Report Style’ screen and within there you’ll be able to pull up the BAQ Report definition you created and within that has a ‘Sync Dataset’ button which you can try.

For most reports I would recommend against the ‘Sync Dataset’ button as it does a little more harm than good for most of Epicor’s reports when duplicating a report style from the system report style.

You can go into the RDL with report builder and update the properties of the BAQResult dataset. Within there on the first tab you can view the SQL query and add to the select statement within there. This is typically what I would do for any report as sometimes there is fields I don’t need / or want included and I am able to directly modify the SQL statement and how my report is obtaining / querying the data.

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This is what I normally use and it works great with my custom reports. However, it looks like the button is missing from my Report Style screen. It seems to have been replaced with a big green “OK” shape. There is a new option in the Actions menu “Analyze and Include RDD”, but this button doesn’t do anything. When I click it, I get a box that shows no issues found.

To create my custom report, I first downloaded the rdl for the report I wanted to copy the layout of. I saved this RDL to my PC. Next I copied the original BAQ to a new BAQ and made a few edits to the fields. Finally, I went to BAQ Report Designer and created a new BAQ Report based on my newly copied BAQ. I saved it and downloaded the new (blank) RDL for this report. On my PC I just swap the filename and delete the blank RDL. Then I upload the renamed RDL to my new BAQ Report. This normally works OK. I just have to sync the dataset then I can download my RDL again and it will have the updated fields from my new BAQ.