Asset 100% depreciation at purchase

Smaller assets like tools are 100% depreciation at purchase for tax purposes and therefore expense immediately.
Currently practice is to expense it right away without running through Asset Module. Down fall is the assets cannot be tracked.
If going though Asset Module, I need to set a new asset, create addition entry, run depreciation. How can I deal with it easily? any suggestion.

I would get with your accounting team before going that route. From what you are describing, smaller assets are not capitalized below a certain dollar amount which is a pretty universal thing. This is different then capitalizing something and then 100% depreciating it since you would still show your cost basis and accumulated depreciation on the balance sheet and in tax documents. That type of thing does happen, for tax, but it is usually from something like bonus depreciation which would be a book / tax difference, i.e., you would treat your book asset values in Epicor differently and not fully depreciate them.

I think the goal of the convention is so you do not have to track every tool you buy as a fixed asset becauseā€¦ when do you stop?