Associating documents

Try this. I think you need Adobe Acrobat (the writer, not the reader)
installed on your Vantage server.

Steps to configure Document association in Vantage 4.00, 5.00, 5.10,
5.20 and Vista/Vantage 6.x.

1. Open Vantage > System Management > Configuration Maintenance >
Document Association
1a. Open Vista > Tools > Company Configuration > Document Association

2. Select Edit > Add

For adding a drawing (example AutoCAD)

Extension = DWG
Description = What you want to use for a description
View command = avwin\avwin.exe &1
Print command = avwin\avwin.exe -p &1

**NOTE** For drawing files, you can use any viewer that is able to open
that type of file. For this example, the commands for AutoView are


Extension = XLS
Description = What you want to use for a description
View command = excel.exe "&1"
Print command = excel.exe /mFilePrint "&1"

Extension = DOC
Description = What you want to use for a description
View command = winword.exe "&1"
Print command = winword.exe /mFilePrint "&1"

Video Clip
Extension = AVI
Description = What you want to use for a description
View command = c:\windows\mplayer.exe /play &1

For PDF Files:

Extension = PDF

Description = Adobe Acrobat
View command = acrobat.exe "&1"
Print command = acrobat.exe /mFilePrint "&1"

3. Now go to a part in master file maintenance

Part needs to display in revisions > select Revision > update . Note
that the revision needs to be unapproved to get to the "Add" button
Click on the drawings square > add > enter description > browse to
location of file, drawing etc. (examale c:\tes45803.dwg )
Select close

Reopen and test, if you get an error like(subtring overlay must be
greater than 1) the syntax used in Document association is incorrect.


Please note that if your directories in the file path are over 8
characters the association may not work. To fix -- put in the 8
character alias

'Program files' would change to 'progra~1'

'Microsoft Office' would change to 'micros~1'

The first 6 characters plus the ~ and a number, usually 1.

Hope this helps.

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From: innerpac_il [mailto:mark_smith@...]
Sent: Thursday, September 08, 2005 12:28 PM
Subject: [Vantage] RE:

I purchased a program from custom programming that prints all related
documents associated with a job. We were using .tif files to store
drawings related to jobs, but have sinced standardized to .pdf. Some
time ago Misha help us install a program called infaview to bypass
using document management software distributed by Epicor. However,
infraview does not read .pdf. Does anyone from the group know of
software that will read .pdfs files in this fashion?


Mark Smith
Innerpac, Inc

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