At least one deleted row... BPM not firing?

I’m building a BPM (SO.MasterUpdate, Pre-Proc) that’s looking for when I delete an order release.

I’ve done Added/Updated BPMs covering similar stuff no problem. I put in the “at least one deleted row in ttOrderRel” Condition statement and what I wanted it to do and nothing happens. I backed it up to just check for a deleted row and fire a messagebox and it does not work. Baffling.

I cleared my cache and restarted Epicor. Yes, its enabled. End of the day so I’m clearly missing something simple but I haven’t the foggiest what it is.

Use the Update method and not MasterUpdate.

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I thought we were supposed to use Master and not Update? Did I get that backwards?

You can confirm by running a trace to see which method is actually being fired, but I do believe Dan is correct.

It’s always Update that gets hit in the trace, but the other MasterUpdate BPMs all run fine.

I guess I’m confused what Master is for then. I’ve never seen it actually get hit in a trace. All the same, I’ll try it on Update and see if that helps!

In my use of MasterUpdate, it was for updating a dataset with several other related datasets together - like RcvHead, RcvDtl, PartLot, etc

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Master Calls Update. Put it on Update, Master is a giant pain in the rear end. Master has a lot of extra checks and balances and allows multiple dirty rows etc.

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Thanks for the clarification guys.