Attachments in E10

We just upgraded form 9.05.702A to 10.2.300.5 and I have strange issue with the attachments that were in E9 not opening in E10.

When I try to open an attachment that came over I get this error (we did not move or change the location of the attachment storage)

I can take the link and past it in windows explorer and open the file no problems. I am not sure why I have …pdf

I can successfully add a new attachment and open it fine.

Any thoughts why the old ones will not open.

Does the E10 App Server have access to that share?

And not just to the share location, but permission at the file level (for all the pre-existing ones).

In Windows explorer, browse to that files location, and check the Security settings

The highlighted “user” is the one our App Servers used during their configuration