Attention Line On AR invoice - before or after company name?

Hello All,

We have the attention contact for billing as the first line on the sold to for the invoice form, before the customer name.

It is causing a headache at customs. I have been told and I have seen several examples that the Attention can come after the sold-to company name, but is there any one source of the truth?

Does it matter?

If I recall correctly, the name and address info on orders and invoices (probably PO’s too), are all in a single dataset field(tilde delimited?), and the RDL splits them up based by their position in the delimited list.

This is so that you can define the “layout” of the fields for each customer. See the Address Format tab on a Customer entry.

Yeah I recall that too, in this case though I see it is a field called Calc_Contact or something like that, it isn’t the Code.Split(addrfield).

I was thinking of moving it to the bottom below everything, but it might not be proper?

I think maybe below the company name would suffice.

I think ours is below all.the “split” fields. Otherwise each of those would need to see if the contact was blank to know if should be “shifted” down a line