Auto-Invoice - Order not found or it is not an ERS Sales Order


The Auto-Invoice in Epicor 10 generates the following error: “Order not found or it is not an ERS Sales Order”. This is happening every time a shipment is created for a couple specific orders.

That error message is incorrect because the order exist and the Auto-invoice flags are marked true.

Do you have an explication on how this issue could happen?

Many Thanks!

Auto Invoice
When selected, this designates that ERS (Evaluated Receipt Settlement and Self Billing) invoices will automatically be generated for this sales order at time of customer shipment. ERS invoicing allows your bill to customer to pay invoices based on packing slip information they receive from your company. Clear this check box if you wish to generate invoices in the normal manner. The default for this check box comes from the setting of the ERS Order check box for the bill to customer in the Customer Maintenance > Billing > Detail sheet; it can be overridden for specific sales order records.

Do you normally make ERS Invoices?

Yes, ERS Invoices need to be made.

The ERS flags are turned ON for Customer Entry and Sales Order Entry. The Auto-invoice works fine for all orders except two of them. The error is generated when the “Shipped” flag is set to true.

As I mentioned, the error message is incorrect. Do you have a workaround or an explanation?


I’d bet that the error message is correct, but one of your settings (in Order, Customer, or Packer) is wrong.

Are these two orders for customers that have been successfully invoiced this way before? New Alt BillTo or new ShipTo?

Yes, these two orders are for customers that have been successfully invoiced this way before.
No new Alt BillTo or ShipTo created.

Note: The method that errors is Erp.Proxy.BO.CustShipImpl.InvoiceShipment(String company, Int32 PackNum)

Update: The Public Method “InvoiceShipment” on the CustShip BO is deprecated in 10.2.200. The logic inside this method was moved to a private method and is now automatically called during Update when Ready To Invoice flag is set to true.

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