Auto Invoicing Not Working Properly

Invoice keeps being sent to the customer even though it is closed.

the customer had Auto Invoice selected and so did the order.

We unclicked them to stop the auto invoice but it still invoices.

anyone know how to help with this issue?

Is there any customization done for it?

no customizations

Did you uncheck the option in both Customer Setup and in all your opened orders ? If you uncheck the option on the customer, it won’t update the orders you already have in the system. Just the ones created after.

yes, when we found the issue we unchecked it at the customer level then at the order level.

but by that point, the invoice had already been produced.

now just it just keeps printing whenever we do a batch and even though the invoice has been paid.

we do have routing set up, but this is the first time in 3 years that this error has occurred.