Auto Print is printing older receipts

We have created a BPM to auto print material tags when a part is received. This works as intended but the issue we have is that when are receiving a release that was a partial shipment, it will print the past receipt as well as the current receipt. They are the same line and release. I have tried to set a condition where it looks for the date to be today, but that has not worked. I am looking for any ideas to stop those past partial receipts from printing.

This is what i have on our condition before it prints. we also change our pack slips every time we receive something in.

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I will try this, Thank You.

His screenshot is cut-off, make sure the Or line has an ending ) to the right.

also i should note i have this on a standard data directive.

This is crazy, I have some tests from last week, so the date is not the same, plus I used different pack slips and that old receipt is still printing.

The BPM is working fine, do you think this could be an issue with the Report Parameters?

Shot in the dark here. Is it possible there was a personalization saved on that form while the pack in question was selected as a filter? Try restoring defaults and see if that helps.