Auto refresh on sales order entry screen

I’ve created a bpm to check moq versus customer price list on sales order entry screen and through up an exception if the user tries to enter a qty less than the first break quantity on the price list.

Only problem I have is the user then tries to fix it they get a row has been modified by another user - I understand why I am getting this message - the db and the screen are out of synch - and they need to do a manual refresh.

My guess is that I need to execute some custom code after the exception message to automatically do the refresh - can someone tell me/point me in the right direction of which object/method/syntax I would need to use to automatically refresh the sales order entry lines screen after I display an exception?

Search the forum for BPM Refresh the answer has been given many times

Groovy will do

You may also play with the method in Pre-Processing instead. It often fixes the refresh requirement.

“Search the forum for BPM Refresh the answer has been given many times”

Yes, but only in custom code. For those of us without that option, is there a solution?

“Refresh” is most often a GetByID. This can be run as a widget in newer E10 versions (no code) in Post Processing.


thanks for the reply. I’m trying to do this as a widget, post processing, SalesOrder.MasterUpdate. I’ve added a BO for SO.GetByID as shown. Is this configured properly?

Mostly, yes, however, one of the arguments for MasterUpdate is the Order Number (iOrderNum I believe). This would be better to use for the binding.