Avalara Sales Tax detail on AR Invoice

We are about to start with Avalara - tax connect and while testing we see that Epicor gets detailed info from Avalara.Like this:

It will popup on the invoice in a similar detailed way.
Is that normal in the US (we operate from Europe) or should we adjust the AR report so the sales tax amount is mentioned in one single summarized amount?

We usually see it all on one line in the AR Invoice. Run the report you use, and see what that says (rather than Invoice Entry’s Tax tab). Maybe it’s good to go already.

It always showed as detailed for us. Grouped by Tax jurisdiction/type, then line number.

(Notice there’s no entry for lines 14 and 15)

It looks like this:


So better to summarize on the report under one line Sales Tax USD 150.00 ?

You could set the row visibility of the details to hidden, to show just the total.

But I guarantee that as soon as you do this, someone will ask where that number came from.

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Out of the box we display each line as they are attached to each line item. Simply customize the format of the SSRS to summarize by the Description, so that way you get one line for state, 1 line for county, etc.;

Could you walk me through how you would summarize and total the group by description? This section of the AR taxes rdl appears to be already grouped by default.